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Portfolio Breakdown

Video Game Writing


One of the largest and interesting projects I have undertaken was for a blockchain-based video game called Augmentors, which was funded by Newtown Partners. I had not set out to write for a video game, but I was asked to assist with the title. The company required me to create a style guide, social message, whitepapers, and the game’s backstory. The story was already partially written, but I was asked to have it conform to the style guide and make it more dramatic.

It has been one of the best copywriting experiences I have undertaken. After many nights of sweat and hammering away at my keyboard, it was complete and I was happy with the results. The company, too, was happy with the final outcome.

Thanks to Augmentors, I am pursuing a career in video games writing. I have also completed the Narrative Design Master Class: Game writing essentials and Game Writing: Storytelling through Video Game Design Udemy courses. I have a few unannounced titles that I am working on, and more that I am negotiating with the developers.

Projects I have worked on:



Rogerwilco is an award-winning digital agency that specialises in content, SEO, and Drupal for a range on national and international brands. This is where I began to really cut my teeth in copywriting.

As one of the senior copywriters, I was responsible for writing both offsite and onsite articles. The offsite consisted of generating content around keywords in order to add to client search rankings. The onsite content included website copy, blog posts, and specific articles for clients.

I also penned a few blog posts for the Rogerwilco websites, which were about moving from journalism to copywriting and why journalists make the best (content) marketers.

Freelance Clients

I have worked with a number of agencies as a freelance copywriter and worked on extensive projects and campaigns. I have written white papers, fiction, press releases, and social media blurbs. While I cannot specify which agencies and exact projects I worked on (due to NDAs), these are some of the companies I have written content for:

Blogging & Journalism


The face of Burn Media’s family of websites, Memeburn is an online news publication that covers topics from social media faux pas to big enterprise technology and even some pop culture.

My role at Memeburn is a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve written reviews for movies, such as The Conjuring 2, interviewed an expert on AI (Professor Toby Walsh), and written news articles as well.

Shortly after joining Burn Media, I began handling their Facebook pages, as well as helping out with editorial.


Easily my favourite of the Burn Media websites, Gearburn is centred around technology and video games. The site covers E3 and Apple conferences, cell phones, and mobiles apps, to name a few things.

Some of the articles I’ve written for Gearburn include a review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a roundup of Nintendo 2DS and 3DS pricing in South Africa, and why I prefer the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4.


Easily the most niche out of the Burn Media family of websites — and where I cut my teeth — Ventureburn focuses on startups in emerging markets.

Some of the startup articles I’ve written for Ventureburn include an interview with parcel delivery startup, Sendr, covering the Philip and Malan Joubert’s Silicon Valley talk, and putting together a list of fintech companies for Digital All Stars.

One of my most interesting assignments had me chronicling my journey with the Ampion Venture Bus tour.

Fortress of Solitude

While freelancing for Fortress of Solitude, I reviewed a range of video games, comics, a new Burger King offering, and even stepped in as Editor-in-Chief on a few occasions. I consider my time at Fortress of Solitude to be the first real blogging and journalistic writing I penned.

Strafer Online Magazine

Recently, I have contributed several opinion pieces to bi-weekly digital magazine Strafer. I wrote pieces asking if old games still hold up and the problem with retro gaming.

Other writing experience

  • ITWeb – freelance writer
  • Authors Mag (defunct) – freelance writer
  • MyDigitalLife (defunct) – freelance writer
  • Mac Gaming (defunct) – founder and editor
  • Blue Geek (defunct) – founder and editor
  • LO Magazine (defunct) – freelance writer
  • The Sunday Times – freelance business writer