Gravewood High

Gravewood High Banner

Video Game Details:

  • Title: Gravewood High
  • Release date: Early access game
  • Credited: No, because the game did not contain any credits
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: HeroCraft PC
  • Publisher: HeroCraft PC
  • Steam Link: Gravewood High
  • Steam Blurb:An infinitely replayable stealth horror game set in high school – with destructible environments, randomized level layouts and a smart opponent that develops new abilities the more you play.

My Responsibilities:

  • Editing marketing copy for newsletters and social media posts,
  • Story consultant,
  • Editing English localisation text,
  • Editing press releases,
  • Editing roadmaps,
  • Editing scripts for videos.No, because the game did not contain any credits