Video Game Details:

  • Title: Residual
  • Release date: 9 September, 2021
  • Credited: Yes, as ‘Graham Peter’ under ‘Writing’
  • Genre: Exploration, Open World Survival Craft, Crafting
  • Developer: OrangePixel
  • Publisher: OrangePixel (previously published by Apogee Entertainment)
  • Steam Link: Residual
  • Other Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Steam Blurb:Explore a forgotten galaxy full of different planets, venture deeper into the planet to mine for rare resources, craft items to fix your ship, and discover ancient secrets and life forms. An exploration (survival) game like no other.. Adventure awaits!

My Responsibilities:

  • Additional Writer – Assisting with adding more depth to the characters, cleaning up item descriptions, and additional dialogue.