Life of Fly 2

Video Game Details:

  • Title: Life of Fly 2
  • Release date: 10 June, 2021
  • Credited: No, because the game did not contain any credits
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
  • Developer: EpiXR Games UG
  • Publisher: EpiXR Games UG
  • Steam Link: Life of Fly 2
  • Other Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Nintendo Switch | Sony PlayStation 4
  • Steam Blurb:Life of Fly 2 features 13 short stories each revolving around the life and weird thoughts of another fly. Be prepared to experience some very unusual content, some interesting thoughts that go way beyond the normal life of a fly, and some entertaining short stories with a twist.

My Responsibilities:

  • Narrative Writer – I wrote all 13 short stories in the game.