Phew – well what can I really say here? It’s always difficult talking about one’s self, right? Let’s see if I can, at least, give this a shot.

Hi. My name is Graham. I’ve been both a geek and nerd since a young age. I’m quite fond of reading comics and novels as well as playing video games when I have the time. I have a passion for writing stories, but my schedule doesn’t always allow for it. I do try to participate in Friday Flash short fiction challenges.

I set up this website as a means to archive my fictional writing pieces and a few freelance articles. Anything else will be listed on my portfolio.

I write non-fiction for a living, which means I’m a journalist. It’s a new career path for me after having been involved in the South African eCommerce industry for over a decade. It’s scary, new, and different, but I enjoy it. Even if I don’t succeed, I’ll have practised my writing passion.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much me. I must request you only follow me digitally — I have enough people hiding in the bushes outside of my window.