The New Pills [Short Story]

June 14

Today, I started on my first course of medication. The bosses say it’s supposed to help me, make me better. It’s supposed to change some the things that I am, for the better. It’s supposed to make me happier and I hope it does. Once I’m used to it, I should take some time off.

June 17

Feeling much better today. The screaming in my head has subsided. The doctors say that I’m making fantastic progress. I can’t wait to see what else happens!

June 27

After a few good days, I came down with horrible flu. Puked my guts out for what seemed like hours and couldn’t hold anything down. The bosses say I must just ride this out. I feel like my eyes and chest are constantly on fire. It hurts.

August 8

I was sick for a while but I’m much better, now. The bosses want me to start doing some training to see how my body is reacting to the medication. They’re sending me to a place I’ve never heard of, but I don’t care… it’ll be nice to get out of my quarters.

August 10

The first bit of training was a success. The bosses say I’m in peak physical performance and have shown tremendous growth. Tomorrow, I’ll go on a training missing to see how I react to the outside world. Been looking up the price of bus tickets for my trip.

August 12

Yesterday was another fantastic day. I feel so much more physically and mentally stronger now. I feel like I can do anything at all. I’ve also been getting hungrier, but the bosses say that’s just an increase in my metabolism… a reaction to the pills.

September 1

Went on another mission today. Had to incapacitate three guys in a house. I wasn’t told why, just had to do it. Bosses needed to see results. Also, something happened and the bosses didn’t seem phased. I bit the throat out of one of them guys. I’m not sure how I feel about it… haven’t washed my face yet.

September 4

I couldn’t get the taste of that guy’s blood and muscle out of my mouth. I washed and rinsed it as much as I could, bought the strongest mouthwash but still nothing. I still taste it every time I swallow. I still pick pieces of him out from between my teeth.

September 7

Threw out all of the mouthwash and cleaning products today. I’m used to the taste now. Nothing makes a difference.

September 14

Sent on a new mission today. Had to kill some people. Nose started to bleed and I tore into all of them. Also ate two of my partners or at least some of them. They were good. I don’t know how to hide this. It’s good. I’m good. I’m happy.

September 30

Bosses kept me in confinement for a few days after I eat Greg and Tristan. No loss to any of us. I’m out now and they have give me new pills. These don’t make me feel hungry or strong. They make me tired. Need to find old pills. Need them now.

October 3

New pills crap. Old pills are best. Found a stash. Had to punish bosses for that. None of them alive. Nose is still bleeding, but good. They still tasted good raw to me, don’t need a stove. The building on fire ? think they’re all dead, no more screaming. Going to visit family now, see outside world again. I feel happy.

December 24

They’re all dead.