If I was a superhero! [Short Story]

If I was a superhero I’d fly all over and fight all of the bad guys.

If I was a superhero I wouldn’t have to eat broccoli – it’s gross. The people would give me all of the waffles and cake that I could eat. But not jelly. I don’t like jelly.

If I was a superhero I’d save all of the people, including mommy and daddy and even mean Mrs. Splinchek.

If I was a superhero I’d have a bright red cape, and a t-shirt, and maybe a hood, but I don’t know about that one. Maybe I could have a special sign as well.

If I was a superhero I’d fight… Mister Ivy. Yea, Mister Ivy is a good name for a bad guy. Daddy will like that.

Mister Ivy’s evil powers would make evil machines he ties you to, and pipes that wrap around you and put goop into you that makes you feel funny… and umm other evil powers that I can’t think of yet.

The mayor would phone me and say: “The Amazing Jamie, we need you! Mister Ivy is attacking the town again. He has your parents,” and that everyone needs my help to save them. I’d leave in the middle of class and run as fast as I could and then fly through the clouds.

I’d see Mister Ivy and shout, “Hey! Loser! Leave all of my friends alone before I have to fight you! Don’t make me use my laser eyes!”

He’d look at me and smile and say, “I’m sorry, but it’s for their own good,” and then he’d tie up some of my new friends to the machines.

I’d fly down and I’d save them, and then I’d punch Mister Ivy. He’d cry and then the police would lock him up and break his machines. Everyone would be so happy with me. And then I’d be called to fight giant monsters in some far off place, while my parents waved at me and smile.

If I was a superhero it would be great!

If I was a superhero all I’d really want is to be able to play with the other kids again, and not all of these adults. None of them are any fun.

If I was a superhero mommy and daddy wouldn’t cry anymore when they see me.

If I was a superhero, I wouldn’t go away.