I have received a number of recommendations over my writing career. Below are just a few of these — all of which can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

For one of my games I needed a fun and light hearted way of giving players information and feedback on what was going on. Graham’s writing and jokes turned the silly side kick into a main figure of the game.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Graham, turn around was quick, and the content was exactly what was needed (even tho I personally wasn’t sure of what I actually needed before I read it). I can highly recommend getting him in on the writing tasks and requirements you need for your game or product!

On a personal note: he’s also a great guy! So certainly a win-win in all regards.

Pascal Bestebroer, owner at OrangePixel

Graham is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with. Always ready to help, grasping the gist of any task quickly, ever eager to iterate and come up with ideas and phrasing when you need an extra creative mind.

I have had a pleasure of working with Graham on quite a few titles, and I believe the gentle touches of his writing hand really elevated our games—especially Anvil Saga and Catizens—to the next level.

Outside of his hard skills, Graham has a natural knack of creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere around colleagues, even if it’s just a messenger group chat.
I believe Graham could become an invaluable addition to any gamedev company. He is ready both for being the backbone of your game’s narrative or carving finer details. Either way, he’s going to have an amazing journey as a game writer, and you’d be a fool for missing out on hiring him.

Sergey Ulankin, Communications Lead at HeroCraft PC

I’ve worked with Graham on a number of client writing projects and have been really impressed with the results and his professionalism. Not only is the writing on point in terms of the brief and on brand, but communication is great and deadlines are always met. He has experience and expertise in niche areas and is also willing to put the research into other areas which may not be his exact forte, but the effort comes through in his writing. Would highly recommend Graham!

Bridget Hoepner, SEO Analyst and NMPi

Graham is a great copywriter. He regularly writes blog content for a niche tech industry that is not every writer’s cup of tea. He is friendly, helpful and very responsive! Highly recommended.

Taryn Wheatley, Director at Verb Consulting

Graham is a superb writer who supported us with a range of augmented reality and blockchain-related gaming content and brand bibles. Graham consistently produced high-quality work (often on very short timelines) and has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. I can gladly recommend Graham.

Investment Principal, Investment Principal at Newtown Partners

Graham is an impressively versatile writer, penning everything from gaming content to deep dives into startups at his time with Burn Media. He was a valuable addition to the company’s editorial team, an excellent editor, and was a pleasure to work with.

Andy Walker, Editor at Memeburn

Graham is an insightful writer that is able to take complex information and relay it in a way that the reader can easily digest. He works well under pressure and is able to meet deadlines with ease. He is an accomplished writer with a lot of knowledge of the tech industry – we are delighted to use him when we have excess writing work.

Charisse Fourie, Marketing Consultant at Fury Strategic

Graham is a hardworking, deadline-driven individual who produces top quality work regardless of the challenges involved. Graham and I worked together within the same content team, during which time we were assigned a variety of clients who required highly technical writing from us (as senior copywriters), in the form of blogs and web copy. Graham produced client-ready work continuously, was a team player who picked up the slack when necessary and who mentored the junior writers, helping them produce quality too. Graham is a reliable colleague who always focuses on getting the job done and assisting others who need a bit of a push.

Megan Sell, Senior Writer at Rogerwilco