LinkedIn Unhinged

LinkedIn is a pretty unhinged place, and that’s why I created this small series of posts to parody the social media platform. From sociopathic founders to c-suit executives trying to excuse their terrible business decisions, there’s an endless supply of content to draw from.

And these posts are a great showcase of my writing skills and creativity.

Post 1: Unchecked HR

I’ve put together a few openers that you may use in your posts. These will help boost your LinkedIn impressions and make you the envy of every other verified account.

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Post 2: Stop the CEO from posting

I want to share the story of a young go-getter that we almost hired. I think it’ll be inspiring to all you LinkedIn lovers.

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Post 3: Praise from the staff

I simply must relay what a fantastic and meaningful day this has been.

It started with my head of SEO walking into my office and saying, “You’re the best manager I’ve ever had! Never change.

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