A complete list of all of my short stories. There’s a little bit of everything here.


Dawn of Battle [Short Story]

A half-full bladder and the sounds of buzzing had awoken me. The sun was creeping through the slits in the ...
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The New Pills [Short Story]

June 14 Today, I started on my first course of medication. The bosses say it's supposed to help me, make ...
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'It's Raining Somewhere Else' cover image

It’s Raining Somewhere Else [Short Story]

Soft droplets hit the glass without making a sound. The rain started earlier that day and continued on into the ...
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if i was a superhero short story header image

If I was a superhero! [Short Story]

If I was a superhero I’d fly all over and fight all of the bad guys. If I was a ...
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encroaching night short story header image

Encroaching Night [Short Story]

The two of us drove for hours without stopping. My limbs had grown tired and sore sometime during the drive, ...
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another day with tom the cat short story

Another day with Tom the Cat! [Short Story]

"Human!" I heard the voice come from behind as I worked at my PC. I turned around to see from ...
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Child of the Dead

Child of the Dead [Short Story]

Child of the Dead is an interesting piece. It not only showcased my first real attempt at writing (sometime during ...
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final countdown short story header image

The Final Countdown [Short Story]

There is something missing, but I can't put my finger on what it is. I've been struggling with this for ...
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The Fumble

The Fumble [Short Story]

Right now, our common purpose was waiting for the world to end. The three of us sat around the table ...
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darkness header image short story

Darkness [Short Story]

I walk down the stairs. The house is old, well over fifty, and continues to settle as it creaks and ...
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sunset short story header image

Sunset [Short Story]

A long and empowering horizon of blue separated the Earth from the sky. It reached far and wide in its ...
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the inn and the boy header image

The Inn and the Boy [Short Story]

As he stepped out into the sunlight he knew what he needed to do. It had been coming for a ...
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deliciousness header image

Deliciousness [Short Story]

The grocery store bustled with all manner of activity: a small boy begged his mother for a new action figure, ...
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two men and a corpse header image

Two Men and a Corpse [Short Story]

'Why the fuck are we doing this?' The cool air night choked his throat as he shouted; it was hardly ...
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