[Ramblings] Latest pickups: a big bag of geeky goodness

Thanks to a crappy financial situation at the moment, as well as the rising price of everything in South Africa, it’s been a while since I’ve purchased anything to indulgent, besides food. I’ve been building up enough goodies for a full post, though. Part of this price should have ben published a while ago because I received one of the items for Christmas.

I’ll start with that one.

Ever since plaything through the first Dragon Quest game on Android last year, I’ve been wanting to collect the series. So far, I’ve managed to pick up Dragon Quest II (Android), as well as Dragon Quest VII (3DS), VIII (3DS), and Builders (PS4) thanks to review copies. What I have realised is that the Nintendo DS titles are the most elusive and come with the highest prices locally.

Thankfully, a friend of mine had been keeping an eye out on the games for me and spotted Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies at The Source. And that’s what I received for Christmas, and in typical fashion, I haven’t touched it. The game is sitting in the pile of ‘things-I’ll’play-or-read-when-I-retire-one-day’ goodies. Now if only I could find parts IV: Chapters of the Chosen, V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and VI: Realms of Reverie on the Nintendo DS at realistic prices.

I’m going to state something that can be taken as heresy in most geek circles: I’ve ever been a fan of Blade Runner. Okay, I do love the genre and think it’s a visually stunning movie with a fantastic soundtrack, but the story and pacing are so-so — I much prefer Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep?. Recently, Tallulah needed something extra added to an online order and I jumped at the chance to pick up the Final Cut edition of the movie on Blu-ray. Now I can enjoy all of that gorgeousness in 1080p (I think).

Though, in typical Nu Metro style, the box for Blade Runner: The Final Cut [affiliate link] is mostly inaccurate about its contents. It does include the Final Cut version of the movie on a Blu-ray disc with several commentary tracks, as well as a second disc that isn’t stated anywhere. This additional disc is, in fact, a DVD which contains a three and a half-hour making-of feature about the film. It was a nice bonus that I wasn’t aware of.

Finally, we come to the books.

A few weeks back, Tallulah went book hunting with a friend and come home with a present for me. Being a big Stephen King fan (maybe not a fan of his endings, though), I was presented with a copy of 11.22.63 [affiliate link], which I’ve been wanting to read since its release. Hey, it only took me five years to get through Duma Key [affiliate link], so maybe I’ll complete this one in four?

Yesterday, after finishing a few errands in the morning, I suggested we pop into the Bargain Books Factory Shop in Diepriver. They usually have some strange, hidden gems, and it had been a while since I visited them. Even though I found volume four of Buddha by Osamu Tezuka and Stephen King’s Blockade Billy novella, I eventually only took Star Wars: A New Hope, ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster, but credited to George Lucas.

It’s a big of a strange find as well as being the 1999 edition of the book. Seriously, where does Bargain Books get all of these things?