[Writing] My first fanfic was Resident Evil and I never completed it

I didn’t know about fanfic (Fan Fiction) until after high school, but during my time as a teenager, I inadvertently started writing one. This unfinished work was an homage to Resident Evil and it was during a time where I was obsessed with the series (I still am).

The very first game I got for the original PlayStation was Resident Evil 2. I’d previously played the demo on my crappy PC back in the day (I think it came on a PC Format demo disc?) and hadn’t experienced anything like it. I needed that game and it was the main reason I wanted the PS1. I eventually managed to get hold of it, and after numerous playthroughs, I needed more. Game after game I devoured the series until there was nothing left for me to play.

Much like the zombies featured within it, my hunger for Resident Evil was insatiable. This was when dial-up internet was the norm and the rich families had ISDN. On nights when everyone was out of the house, I’d trawl the internet for anything and everything I could get my hands on. I’d found information on the original comics, novels, and manga, but they were all out of my hands. Looking back, I probably should have done the normal teenage thing and gawked over pixelated boobs that took 15 minutes to load per bosom.

It was then that I decided to write my own story, to continue the series, and add as much as I could to the mythos.

One night I put fingers to keyboard and type like a mad demon created by the G-Virus. And after some time — and a few McDonald’s burgers — I’d emerged with a page and a half worth of content. It wasn’t much but at least my initial thoughts for the story were laid out and I had a rough idea of the plot.

The untitled story was about a man joining the ranks of the Umbrella Corporation after the events of Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The conglomerate was trying to pull itself back together and the character was asked to join the company. It was to be a lower decks tale without a lot of action or any real heroes. I wanted to write someone on the inside of the company and not have the character going in guns a blazing and leading kids to safety. Sometimes, you just want a decent anti-hero that needs to pay the bills.

After that bit of writing, I spoke to a friend about my story. We eventually agreed to co-write it together, which was an amazing opportunity. I’d never written with anyone else before and was just a solo writer fumbling my way through high school and an old version of Microsoft Word. The partnership eventually fell through; he wanted action and I didn’t. There were some other creative differences we couldn’t settle on and eventually the idea was scrapped. After that, I didn’t want to go back to my story and moved on to other tales.

The story is sitting in a cluttered story folder of mine and  I read it every so often. I don’t have any plans to continue it — a big reason is the over saturation of Resident Evil media and the now weirdness of the series — but it is a nice reminder of where I’ve come from as a writer.