Camp Nano, July 2015: Day ??? – A failed, yet fulfilling event

Let it be known – for the record – that I did actually attempt to compete in the July Camp NaNoWriMo event. I did give up. Not out of laziness, but rather pure frustration. The story in question started in April and I stopped it after a few days into July.

While the story is interesting to me, I hate the main character.

She’s supposed to be in her late twenties, but instead acts like a teenager.

She’s supposed to be rational, but acts like a teenager.

She’s supposed to be strong, but is pitiful.

You get my drift.

I did my best to salvage the story. In the end, I couldn’t stomach her and placed the twelve-thousand-word tale in the “drawer” (Dropbox) and will revisit it again sometime.
All was not lost. I’d started thinking about other stories and letting my mind wander. I wasn’t under a specific word deadline and could let things simmer in my mind. Because of this I managed to not only think of one, but two new novels. Along with the scrapped story, I have four books to write /edit and each of them is different to the last.

They are:

  • A supernatural crime noir
  • A fantasy
  • A science fiction tale with religious aspects (no, it’s not a preachy story)
  • A psychological horror

In one way or another all of them fit together and don’t share protagonists. It may be another month before I start writing again, but I feel this is an excellent first step.