Camp Nano, April 2015: Day 8 & 9 – Long hard road out of Hell

After a few nights of flu-like symptoms, I’ve caught up again. In all honesty, I was already ahead of my word count, but I’ve wanted to push myself even further. I’m slowly catching up with where I’d like my word count to be, but it’s a long, hard road.

Tonight’s chapter consisted of an action scene and lots of dialogues. My protagonist isn’t The World’s Greatest Detective, so he needs some help along the way. Okay, he needs a lot of help along the way. The truth is I’m the one who needs help with the story, and the characters are guiding me. While Jack may be a bit of a buffoon, for now, I will change some of that in the first editorial stage (sometimes in May).

I’m ecstatic about the amount of words written today and plan on writing a hell of a lot more words this weekend. If I keep up last weekend’s pace, I may be able to reach my word count this weekend. The only trouble is it feels as if I’m drawing to a close with the story.

Tomorrow, I’ll plan out a few more chapters. Tonight, I’ll be reading some Vampire Hunter D: Tale of the Dead Town.


On a side note, I’ll be using Grammarly for most of my grammar support during this event.