Camp Nano, April 2015: Day 7 – Objects in the rear view mirror…

The dreaded “Week Two” is setting in. Tonight, not only did I use Google Docs’s strike-through feature for the first time, but it’s the first time I’ve ever used it in a story. Almost everything I wrote tonight is utter rubbish. I’m forcing myself to erase most of it – some is salvageable – and plan out more of the chapter.

I at least have a clearer view of what’s happening, but at this stage, I may need to plan out a lot more of my story. I won’t be making pages and pages of notes, but rather a few scribbles here and there.

My characters decided to go around in circles, which meant the story required some divine intervention from myself.

The ending is so close and yet so far. I can almost see it right in front of me. I sort of know how it’s going to end, but the journey there is another story… It tempts and teases me. This will not be an easy journey.


On a side note, I’ll be using Grammarly for most of my grammar support during this event.