[Books] My first Star Trek novels

Today is quite an exciting day for me. Not only have I purchased my first two Star Trek novels, but these are the first novels in my collection based on a TV series. Okay, so I do own comics based on movies, etc., but not TV shows.

This morning I walked into Bargain Books (Willowbridge) to wait for Checkers to open. I scaled the three-books-for-ninety-nine-rand section and came across these (I’m usually after Stephen King, Clive Barker, or Neil Gaiman titles):

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry
Star Trek Destiny: Gods of Night

And what I’m hoping is a guilty pleasure:

Doom 3: Worlds on Fire

When we’d seen them before, Tallulah didn’t seem to know much about the two Star Trek novels, so I’m hoping they’re not already part of her vast Star Trek collection. Not to mention I don’t own many science fiction novels either.

For anyone wishing to purchase these, here are the links to Bargain Books and / or Kalahari.com where I can find them: